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So, i started to watch the Hawks- Sixers game from the start and basically stopped to cook some fried rice at about half time, Sixers had a super comfortable lead and i was sure the game was already wrapped up. Little did i know that Philly had COLD WEATHER conditions coming. Sixers were leading the game by 26 points at some point! I read a stat that with 4 minutes left on the fourth, statistically speaking, chances of a Sixers win was over 97%!!! Unbelievable.

What happened? Long story short: The Trae led Hawks started to cook and Embiid and Simmons missed every possible free throw.

PS: this was the 3rd largest second half comeback in NBA Postseason History.


39 PTS 7 AST 3 STL

A little recap from yesterday:

  • CP3 in health & safety protocols (Tested positive for Covid19 although he was vaccinated on February

  • Kawhi injured and out (Posible ACL injury)

  • Jokic not playing for Serbia this summer

  • SVG out in New Orleans

  • Brooks out in Washington

It was raining Threes, 17 three pointers for the Jazz on the first half, the most ever by a team in a half. PG & the Clippers stepping up to the occasion, but without Kawhi i just dont know if they can bag this series, Paul George looked very good tho, 37 points & 16 rebounds on 40 min. Clippers lead the series 3-2.

Tomorrow we have game 6 of the Nets- Bucks series, take your time to watch it 6:30pm, Giannis is ready to make a statement and KD is determined to carry his team to the NBA Finals,

Finally, recommend this newsletter to anyone you think might like it, my goal is to create a community that cares about sports and to inform them in a fun way, ill end my first newsletter with a quote from one of my favorite movies, it applies to Baseball, Basketball and Football.

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Juan Roman
Juan Roman
Jun 17, 2021

I really think Embiid is exhausted for carrying the sixers without ben, the second halfs of the past two games of the series its been quiet and simons never show up, idk if joel has a injury or something its hurting him, but i think he just get tired in the second half.

Trae is lit, im hearing rumors bout luka not being happy in the mavs i love if those two team up someday

Jose Balderrama Felix
Jose Balderrama Felix
Jun 17, 2021
Replying to

Luka + Embiid = 💍💍💍💍💍

I agree, Simmons is not on a good place right now

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