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Okay, now its a REAL problem the NBA has to address this Injury problem with the NBA players ASAP. We didn´t want to believe it at first, but the season is too long and rests are not very encouraged, LeBron had some comments on this which i completely agree with:

Adam Silver has a lot to work on this off season, there has got to be a way on which players can rest without any problems or fines, i remember we all went wild when Kawhi tried to do this, but hey, Kawhi had a god damn point.

Another issue that is going to be addressed for sure is the Three point shooting fouls ( about time).

Bucks lost Giannis on what appeared to be a very easy game to call with Trae Young out, Young was injured because he stepped on a Refs foot after shooting. Giannis had a Knee Hyperextension and was ruled out right away. Hawks took. a Clutch game 4 to tie the series, it seems very unlikely that the favorite teams on each conference ( Suns & Bucks) will have an easy way to the NBA Finals.

I just hope that the four remaining teams have a fair fight and people dont look back on this championship like "yeah, it doesnt count, it was the year everyone got injured" I do understand the point that the NBA has been played like this forever, but hey, change is good.

Hawks looked good as a team, players looked on fire from everywhere, Galinari was spectacular, Reddish had a pretty good performance as well and Huerter was impressive as usual.

Heres a look of what the Hawks were doing on the fourth quarter:

Unbelievable haha.

Lets take a look on the other series, Phoenix has been on a bit of a slump lately, masked Booker is NOT what we expected,i thought he was gonna go mad but it really does seem like the mask is influencing his abilities. Paul George on the other hand... oh my, PAUL EFFIN GEORGE if you would have told me on the beginning of the year that i would be speaking this way about Playoff P i would not buy it for a million bucks but hey, respect where respect´s due.

im just gonna number a few facts on what superstar Paul George is doing:

  • Paul George is the first player in NBA History to score 40+ points on at least 75% FG, 50% 3FG and 100% FT in a postseason game.

  • Paul George has logged 735 minutes in the playoffs... The next highest is Devin Booker with 605 minutes.

  • Clippers' all-time playoff scoring leaders: 1. Chris Paul – 1,125 2. Blake Griffin – 1,073 3. Paul George – 753

Take a look:

But hey, keep watching the series, Suns have the talent to end the Clippers, Reggie Jackson cooling off may be a possibility, if not, get ready to get LA that ring, Booker, Ayton & Chris Paul need to step up just like the first couple of games. As for the Bucks, the Bucks NEED Giannis back, im sorry but Middleton and Holiday, as much as i like them, are not NBA Finals bound material.

Thanks for taking the time to read us!

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Have a great Hump Day!

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