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Kevin Durant goes wild but we forgot about it because so much has happened in the last 24 hr

With Kyrie out and Harden with a hamstring injury, the Nets did not look good coming into game 5 vs the Bucks. The Bucks started to control the game early on, Harden did not look like himself either, it took him over 16 playing minutes to get his first bucket and he only got 5 points.

Kevin Durant did not seem to get tired and was certain that his team needed him today, he played like there was no tomorrow and got a monstrous statline of 49 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists for the Nets on FULL 48 minutes! Slim Reaper was also as clutch as it gets when the game was close on the last minutes, he got a couple of super clutch buckets.

This would-be the subject of the week but so much has happened today,

ill try to resume it:

  • CP3 in health & safety protocols (Tested positive for Covid19 although he was vaccinated on February

  • Kawhi injured and out (Posible ACL injury)

  • Jokic not playing for Serbia this summer

  • SVG out in New Orleans

  • Brooks out in Washington

The Jazz and the Kawhi-less Clippers are battling tonight in game 5, tbh the Clippers should be no match anymore for the Jazz on the series, Mitchell was definitely an ALL-NBA Snub this year (although if you read ESPN or Bleacher Report they will try to tell you Zion was the Snub haha). Jazz had the best record in thee NBA and the Clippers without Kawhi should be done for the season.

Trae young also didnt make thee All NBA teams this year, its actually unbelievable as well since he led Atlanta to their biggest playoff run on a looong time. But today i think Embiid will step up again, he fell short of the MVP this year so i think coming in second woke something inside and he´ll definitely try to prove something this week, i still think the Sixers are a better team overall and better teams win series, Trae can´t do everything unfortunately.

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