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It was an incredible sports weekend

Vlad is the MLB All Star MVP. It really is amazing that in this picture he was with his dad Vladimir Guerrero at his All Star game, this kid grew up to be the 2021 All Star MVP, amazing.

Other important mentions of the All Star game are:


• hit 28 HR in the HR Derby • hit a 513-foot HR • batted leadoff in the AS Game • started the AS game on the mound • threw 100.2-mph fastball • 1 IP, 0 runs, 0 hits • earned the win as the pitcher for the AL

& Pete Alonso Wins the HR Derby (again).

Look at this nasty pitch from Ohtani, really amazing, too much for the big dog Fernando Tatis Jr

Bucks are facing the suns in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, what do we expect? I honestly dont know, but het, i tell you i few things i DO KNOW:

  • i know Booker will for sure have a better game than the one he had on game 3.

  • i know it will be extremely hard for Giannis to keep scoring +40pts on this finals.

  • I know Middleton has to improve his game if the Bucks are really gonna make a run for the championship.

  • I know Jrue looked more alive on game three.

  • I know Ayton needs another big man to keep Giannis, Portis and Lopez out of the paint.

  • I know CP3 will have NO MERCY.

Those are some facts i know, but hey, everyone´s staying healthy so far ( apart from Saric), we have a show coming up,

call a few friends and crack a cold one, cause its about to get effin real ya´ll.

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