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All lights out for Luka: signed a 5-year/$207 Supermax extension with the Mavericks

So yeah, Luka is getting effin paid! What i don´t understand is how do the Mavs plan to be championship contenders with that weak ass team. Aside from Tim Hardaway Jr, the Mavs do not look very frightening, lets take a look at their current free agency:

Tim Hardaway Jr. (72 million for 4 years)

Boban Marjanovic (2.5 million for 1 years)

Sterling Brown (6.2 million for 2 years)

Reggie Bullock (30.5 million for 3 years)

To be honest, i think Reggie Bullock has never really been a game changer on any team so idk what the Mavs are thinking, if they are gonna get rid of the Unicorn Kristaps, they need another big guy that can have great chemistry around Luka. Take a look at the Hawks, i think often about them because Trae and Luka are both amazing and somehow enemies, mosthly because they were drafted on the same year and the Hawks and the Mavs interchanged them on the draft. The Hawks have a roster built for Trae specifically and look how its paid off, i can´t believe that a shark (literally) like Mark Cuban can´t see this. Take action, bring another superstar to Dallas.

Hey, beware of the Heat, a lot of people have taken their talents to south beach. Jimmy Butler just signed a max extension of four years worth 184 million USD, this is a team that reached the NBA Finals in the bubble in command of him and Bam Adebayo. They´ve added Kyle Lowry, Victor Oladipo & PJ Tucker, i like the Miami Heat a lot, they can be serious contender for the title, i love how its not a suuuper super team like the Nets or the Lakers but in talent, its pretty even, just more lower key stars.

Stay tuned, recommend this blog to your friends! NFL Season is coming and im planning to do another giveaway, GOAT Jersey? Baby GOAT (Mahomes) Jersey?? Idk yet, but i will give a LOT of advise on fantasy rosters, if you do not play fantasy i highly recommend you start this year, it is easily one of the things that will make your Sunday a LOT more entertaining.

Have a great week,

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