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Chicago Bulls, Overnight playoff Contenders

Chicago creates a superteam overnight! Thats right, SUPER TEAM.

Lakers Create a Superteam aswell! If we were in 2013.

Yesterday was freaking historical for Chicago, they created an overnight super team, adding Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan & Alex Caruso to their roster. They were already a pretty good team with Lavine and Vucevic in command, right now, they are serious playoff contenders, i love it. Chicago has so much basketball history and i think this is a chance to revive the team, there hasn´t really been a basketball hype in the city since Derrick Rose, i love it, although i hate Caruso leaving LA.

Lakers also created a Super Team!! If we were in 2013 HAHAHA. Dont get me wrong, i love the lakers, but i just have to acknowledge that they are TOO OLD. Its like they created a fantasy team, seems like the Lakers front office was like " hey, who scores a lot of points?? - Westbrook? lets get him, who can be clutch?? - Carmelo?? Sign him " and it doesn´t really seem like they focused on how they were gonna play basketball. How is LeBron gonna share the ball with Westbrook? is Carmelo gonna be able to play everygame?? Where does Kendrick Nunn fit in the team?? Malik Monk and Dwight Howard??? really???

Too many questions, i hate to see Caruso leave, he was tooo much hype for the team, i don´t know how this is gonna work out but im pretty much gonna watch every game anyway. I just hope AD can be back to his full potential.

There were also players who secured the future with their teams. The chef @ StephenCurry30 signs a 4-year, 215 million extension, then @TheTraeYoung

bag was also insured with a 5-year, 207 million contract.

@shaiglalex signed a contract for 5 years and 172 million.

Curry is the first player ever to sign two extensions exceeding 200 million, lotta moneeeeey.

Stay cool French Toasters,

Have a great week.

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