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Milwaukee Bucks take Game 6 and the Championship

Giannis Antetokounmpo´s historic performance led the Bucks to their first championship in 50 years.

Giannis had the game of his life for his first championship, it was truly amazing from the beginning were he didn´t miss his usual free throws. the 26 year old put on a clinic against the Suns yesterday to extend his resume,

Take a look at this:

Giannis' resume at 26-years-old is INSANE: • 2x NBA MVP • 5x NBA All-Star • 3x All-NBA 1st Team • 2x All-NBA 2nd Team • 2020 NBA DPOY • 3x All-NBA 1st Team Defense • $230M contract And now 50 points, 14 rebounds & 5 blocks to win an NBA Title & Finals MVP.

Why i wanted the Bucks to win?

I explained on my personal twitter and i hope it makes sense.

"I loved that my wish was granted to see the final of the two teams that I liked the most in each conference. The problem was that I never thought that they would both make it to the final and I had trouble deciding who I was going to support. What factor made me choose?

Well, first of all I loved Devin Booker and the trip of Kobe and the shoes of "be legendary", I supported Chris Paul (although i think he is very cynical in the game) i liked how Ayton has improved so much since he was drafted #1.

From the Bucks i had it different, Giannis, I really like his story, a boy from Greece learns to play basketball and goes to the USA to make it, damn it. 2x League MVP, chingón, they were always falling short. Middleton 2nd round pick to the G league and then to play with the Bucks, wow.

In my mind I chose my favorite in game 4 & i chose the Bucks because of Giannis honestly, I really liked how he was playing and I started to see PHX as the bad guys in the movie. Every player suddenly turned into complaining a lot. Booker and CP3 looked like CRYBABIES through the last three games, there, i said it.

Kobe had a training session with Giannis and spoke highly of him, he said that the only thing he lacked was a championship, there it is. Giannis NEVER trains with other NBA players (like LeBron, Harden, DeRozan and so on) because he says he doesn´t want to show the competition what he´s woking on.

So, what do we do now the we don´t have any basketball?

Theres baseball and football is coming up, dont worry, ill still be here,

Keep it up, hump day

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