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Im sorry Santa Claus, but the actual most wonderful time of the year is about to start, NFL Fantasy

So NFL Fantasy is gonna be very interesting this year, i can´t remember a year were so many high skilled talented Quarterbacks were gonna have a shot to start on a new franchise. I know very few people watch the pre-season ( i don´t either, just highlights) but some rookies looked very promising, my surprise was actually 49s QB, Trey Lance, he looked very good and on very high sync with the rest of the team.

Trevor Lawrence looked okay, but, honestly, i don´t expect much from the Jaguars. Justin Fields also had some nice plays with Chicago, out of all the rookies im gonna mention, Chicago is the better team, so i guess he has that going on for him too. Zach Wilson couldn´t get his offensive line to protect him during the pre-season, so i expect this to continue during the regular season, he is gonna get beat up out there, much like Joe Burrow last year. What can i say about Patriots Mac Jones? Honestly, nothing, i haven´t seen a single highlight from him, lol.

I did a small poll on my ig account, this is how it ended up:

Lets talk Basketball:

Clippers traded Patrick Beverley to the Memphis Grizzlies along with Rajon Rondo and Daniel Oturu for Eric Bledsoe. Then Memphis traded Beverley to Minnesota, i really don´t understand why the Clippers did Beverly like that, i hate his personality on the court but i have to admit he was giving everything he´s got to the franchise and made every Lakers- Clippers game far more exciting, i hope he makes a statement season with the Minnesota Timberwolves next year.

Heres a clip i like (hate) from Beverly on guarding LeBron James:

Thanks for taking the time to read us!

Also, i highly recommend you play Fantasy Football this season, its certainly the best way to get into the sport, i guarantee you will have a lot of fun,

Have a great week frenchies!


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