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So yeah, that happened... Bucks take game 6. Please cancel anything you have planned on Saturday, we are gonna have a Game 7 between the Nets and the Bucks. Middleton went wild yesterday and was money from everywhere, he got 38 points, Giannis also gave a very strong performance, Jrue as peaceful and as reliable as usual.

Giannis, Jrue & Middleton combined for over 85 points! Thats unbelievable, the game was fun at the beginning but i was always a little bit nervous, a 10 point lead against the Nets is not a lead, is a coin toss and it seem to be that way until late in the fourth when the Bucks went on a big run to seal the W.

On other major news, Rick Carlisle, who led the Mavericks on their 2011 championship and coached the Mavs for 13 seasons! Thats right... 13, informed the Mavericks he won´t be returning as coach next season. What does this mean for the Mavs? Dirk coming as coach? What´s gonna happen to Luka´s contract? This turn of events only caused more questions, one this is certain, Luka intends to sign a Supermax Extension this summer and Kristaps will leave... probably?

Heres a taste of what Luka can do, this is my favorite player we are talking about,

Cause, as Frank Ocean quoted on "Nikes" : "Said she need a ring like Carmelo". let´s bring him another superstar to help him win that ring!

Two game six tomorrow, we have the Clippers trying to close the deal on the Jazz (who apparently already gave up ) proof below. It is unlikely, although not impossible that the Clippers can rely con Playoff P again tomorrow, but to play without their biggest star on an elimination game? I don´t know man, too risky, bold, bold move.

The other game is Sixers - Hawks, i know i said the Sixers were the best overall team on this bracket and that they should have no trouble whatsoever with the "too-Trae-reliant-Hawks", but hey, i have to admit, Trae shut me the hell up, go Hawks.

Trae deserves to but put up there with the superstars, as Kendrick Perkins said, if it were Luka having those games this late in the playoffs, we wouldn´t shut up about it. Lets put some respect on his name.

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Juan Roman
Juan Roman
Jun 18, 2021

Maan i was hopping for that game 7 since the beginning of the series, i cant wait for tomorrow, we Need to see more harden i think.

what a boomer for utah conley was their leader since he joined the team. I was expecting suns vs jazz but that won’t happen.

Luka need to run the hell out of dallas, mark cuban is an awesome guy but donic is too damn good and he needs the spotlight of the league.

Man i really want to see trae in the conference finals

Jun 18, 2021
Replying to

Trae on the conference finals would be EPIC.

Harden´s definitely not at his 100%, that hamstring injury has seriously damaged his stepback abilities, im actually surprised he has played big minutes.

I read today that Conley and Mitchell are going to be a game time decision, hopefully we´ll see a UTAH- LAC game 7 on sunday.

Luka NEEDS a superstar to play alongside him ASAP. Im talking 1st team all NBA superstar, high caliber.

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