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Bucks are East Conference Finals Bound

So, yeah, sorry for skipping yesterday, too many games going on, i suppose you´ve been keeping up with all of the info i´ve posted on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Despite KDs insane game, Bucks advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, all because a two pointer that was REALLY CLOSE, i mean REAAALLY close to being a three pointer and calling the game last minute, instead they went to overtime and Bucks took control.

Im not exaggerating:

Giannis ended up posting a monstrous 40 point- 13 rebounds - 5 assist game. Unbelievable that KDs 48 points game wasn´t enough for the Nets. Who knows whats on their mind right now, to me, they betted too much on a 2020 championship, bringing Harden (overpriced) and Blake Griffin to help Kyrie and KD. The team was too loaded and crashed.

The Bucks will face whoever wins game 7 today between the Hawks and the Sixers, i would like the Hawks to be their contender, i´ve seen Trae grow so much this year, im excited for them. Sixers played really good on game six, Tobias Harris, Tyresse Maxey and Seth Curry showed up and kept on fighting, their weakness is, has been and will be one man, Ben Simmons. He looks stuck, unconfident and slow offensively, unless he changes dramatically today, Hawks should bag this series without a problem.

Watch it today at 6:00pm!

Eastern Conference Finals game one is also today, they LA Clippers ( sorry laker fans) are battling the Point Godless Phoenix Suns, it really is a shame that whenever Chris Paul becomes close to the NBA Finals an his ring, the universe conspires agains him. It would truly make a big statement if Chris Paul got his ring before James Harden, if you would have told me that in the begging of the year, after Harden was traded to Brooklyn, i would have slapped you on the face haha.

Ayton and Booker are still very good players and i think they will put up an excellent fight againts the Clippers. Playoff P, Reggie Jackson and Terrance Mann gave an incredible performance on game 6 agains the Jazz, they were money from everywhere, i really dont think that will be the case today, we´ll just have to wait and see i guess!

It starts in 10 minutes so i should post this now,

Happy Fathers Day!!

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